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This show was about some kids that make and work on their own TV show. This show was aimed at kids and was fun, musical and educational. It had music videos with songs that kids would enjoy.(Hence the name "Kidsongs"). There were many different songs, such as Folk Songs, Oldies and well-known songs.

There was also Billy and Ruby Biggle from Biggle Land. The show was broadcast on most PBS stations.

Some new cast members were added during the second season and some changed jobs. Others left the show. They all had jobs that they did on the show, such as, Producer, Director, Technical Director, Hosts, Question Time Host, Writer and Hair, Make and Wardobe, Camera Person, Stage Manager etc.... They all used their real names, except "Mr. Forbes" (Leif Jonasen) and "Ms. Wilson" (Stephanie Debois). Most of them never used their last names, except Alexandra, Christian, Janet, Lynsey and Adam (Lynsey and Adam were from season 2) (I'm not sure what Adam's last name is). There was an episode during the first season where they researched their family trees and some (or all) their last names were mentioned.

The cast was as follows (It had a least two seasons, I think.)(As I know it so far.)
Season 1

Alexandra "Alex" Palm (She is credited by the name, Alexandra
Picatto now)- Co-Host

Christian Buenaventura- Co-Host
Janet Veyts- Question Time Host

Lynsey Bartilson- Question Time Host
Kevin Williamson- Director

Hassan Nicholas- Technical Director

Megan Miyahira- Director????

Janessa Beth- Camera Person (Sometimes Stage Manager)

Mark Humphrey- Stage Manager (Sometimes Camera Person)

Katie Polk- Hair, Make-Up and Wardrobe

Melanee Shale- Producer

Chris Aguilar- Writer
Season 2

Aaron Harvey- Co-Host
Brooke Garrett- Visual Consultant
Jessica Fried- Producer
Dava Schatz: Prop Manger
Ryan McCatchen- Writer
Miyaha Norton- Techincal Director
Casey Rion- Director
Shira Roth- Stage Manger
Megan Miyahira- Associate Director
Hassan Nicholas- Camera Person
Alexandra "Alex" Palm- Co-Host

The introduction to the show by Alexandra, Christian  and Billy was this:

"Good Morning and Welcome to the "Kidsongs Television Show". The one and only show, made by kids, for kids and starring kids.

Hi! I'm Alexandra Palm. And I'm Christian Buenaventura. And I'm Billy Biggle."

This is what Alexandra and Christian say at the end of the episode:

"Well that brings us to the end of the "Kidsongs Television Show". The one and only show, made by kids, for kids and starring kids.

But until next time, See ya!"

I hope to have a complete summary of the show soon, but if you'd like to submit a summary, email 
and I'll post it here and give you credit. Thanks:)!