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Here are some links to sites  and other related stuff and the URL to this site, so that you can link me, if you wish.

Check out all the sites. Including some unrelated sites that I think are cool!
The link for "Grounded for Life" works. Sometimes there isn't any memorabilia relating to the show for bidding on. So keep checking.

Merchandise/Autographed Pictures


"The Kidsongs Television Show" (CD'S CD ROM, Videos, Audio casettes)

"Grounded For Life" (Cast photos) - Lynsey Bartilson

Website Links

Official site for the Kidsongs Videos

The official site where you can by the "Kidsongs" videos

The Incredible Lynsey Bartilson- Official Site

Lynsey Bartilson's official site. It has lots of pictures of her on "Kidsongs"

Collinsville, Illinois, USA

The site for the city of Collinsville, Illinois where Alexandra was born

Please visit my 3 other sites as well as my 2 fan clubs:
Rebecca Herbst Forever- A site dedicated to my Supreme Ultimate Idol, Rebecca Herbst ("Liz Webber", "General Hospital")
Michael and Rebecca: Always and Forever- A site dedicated to real life couple, Michael Saucedo (ex- "Juan Santiago", "General Hospital) and Rebecca Herbst ("Liz", "General Hospital")
Hyacinth Bucket's Website For The Socially Less Fortunate- A site dedicated to the popular Britcom, "Keeping Up Appearances"
Kidsongs Online Fan Club- A fan club connected to this site
Fans of Now and Then- A fan club for fans of the movie, Now and Then.

My sites

Michael and Rebecca: Always and Forever
Hyacinth Bucket's Website For The Socially Less Fortunate
My fan clubs (Yahoo Groups)

Kidsongs Online Fan Club

Fans of Now and Then

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